Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Gift Basket Tutorials

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Here are the walk-throughs as promised, listed from left to right.

Quick Notes:
The patterned papers & matching tags I used in some projects came from a Walmart scrapping pack- $10.
I used the principle behind Make & Takes Ribbon Embellished Plastic Container to weave dollar store ribbons into $1 Goodwill baskets to make the holders.
Half of the gift tags shown were made from old x-mas card I had received. I clipped them with some of those funky patterned craft scissors & used a hole puncher to make 'em look nice.

It's not poo in the middle- seriously! This pic just makes it look funny. It's actually Rocky Road Candy from A Year of Crockpotting. The big wreath around it was made using this Kellogg's Holiday Wreaths recipe. I'd recommend Frosted instead of Corn Flakes. It's surrounded by parchment paper, laying in another Goodwill tin. Not shown: I filled some other bags with the leftover Rocky Road Candy and am giving those as well. You can see the bag sitting on top of the tin in the first pic.

-My Own Vanilla-Hazelnut Shaeloe Body Butter
-A Generic Unscented Walmart Votive- I used fabric paint to draw a removable snowflake on it then dipped the rim in Elmer's glue & clear snow-like glitter.
-Craftster.com's Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub in a bigger baby food jar.
-2 Hazelnut Cream Tea Lights from Walmart (Their candles smell amazing!)
-My flop of Kate's Teacup Candles- barely scented in Cinnamon & Nutmeg. The color turned horrid so I printed off some vintage dress gift tags from a print a day & called them Retrorific "Tea" Lights.
-The ECGC's Sweet & Spicy Brown Sugar Body Polish

-Cat Treats
-A Dog Bone
-4 Fancy Christmas Pics I took of Am wrapped in star garland from the dollar store.
-Bird Seed Packet in this cute printable from Tricia-Rennea

-Dipped Edibles from Make & Takes and The Life & Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch
-A whisk filled with kisses using Organized Christmas' printable tag
-Otis & Betty's Chocolate Snack Mix from Aldi. This stuff is quite the shocker. I bought this on a whim one day. Imagine my surprise when I grabbed a big bite and felt my mouth begin to heat up. It's a chocolate snack mix with cayenne pepper & hot sauce mixed in! Doesn't sound too good but it's quite addicting after the first munch.
-A dollar store cookie cutter filled with holiday M&M's. Use a clear bag for this- the colors show themselves off without any help.
-My Own Liquid Chocolate Mix in an empty iced coffee bottle from Aldi. I got the idea here. Apparently I misplaced the recipe but I'll make another post if I ever find it. (I hope I didn't bin it by mistake. =/)

-Craftster.com's Coffee-Cinnamon Infused Bath Salts in another Goodwill glass jar. The tag was printed from Living Locurto.
-A frozen log of the Earl Grey Tea Cookies from Real Simple. (I first tasted these in a swap with another great foodie.) The freezing idea came from Make & Takes.
-Last but not least, a burned CD, the front case cover came from Living Locurto. I modified the design myself to list the songs for the back cover. (Don't worry, I'm not turning a profit here.)
Pretty much every song I used can be found on my playlist:

And of course,
Merry Christmas Everyone-
Hope yours kicks arse!

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