Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Homemade" Body Butter

I made this *lovely* body butter a few weeks back when I was experimenting with some recipes. I used Vanilla-Hazelnut Fragrance Oil for mine and it smells heavenly! I just simplified the recipe a bit more from the original and am certainly going to be making these for my X-mas Baskets this year.

You Will Need: 7 oz of Shea Aloe Butter ($7- 1 lb), Cosmetic-grade Fragrance or Essential Oil ($3- 1 oz of Vanilla-Hazelnut FO), 4 oz Jars ($5- 10 pk in Size 70), Matching Lids ($3- 10 pk in 70 mm), a makeshift double boiler or microwave, & a kitchen scale (about $4 at Walmart).

Basically what you'll do is measure out the butter into your double boiler or microwavable bowl. You'll heat the butter just long enough until it melts to a liquid form. Take it away from the heat. Then add your fragrance oil and stir- as much as you'd like. If I recall I think I used about 1 tsp. Pour the liquid into your containers. This made 2 4 oz jars worth. Let it cool and that's it- homemade body butter.

You'll still have enough ingredients left to make more. I ended up buying 3 lbs of the butter for $19 and plan to make 8 jars worth. This will come out to $4.25 each (probably more like $4.50-$5 when you count shipping) for a product that smells just like one you'd find at Bath and Body Works for $14 or more for 5 oz. In the end I'd say it's money well spent.

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