Thursday, March 19, 2009

And THIS is why I read Money Saving Mom.

I found most of my deals at Money Saving Mom this week. I think that from this day forth I will only shop on Thursday mornings. It's amazing how empty the stores were! My local Lifetime Fitness has two parent's time out mornings and afternoons every week. That's 3 hours of childcare for only $5. I used it today and, due to the lack of other customers, was able to make it to every stop on my list in the allotted time: the post office, library, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and Cub Foods! These are the deals I found:


Glade Sense and Spray- $8.29. After $4 Target mail coupon & $4 regular mail coupon- $0.29

Glade Classic Plug-Ins Warmer- $1.79. After freebie mail coupon- FREE

Cheetos, snack size bag- $1.29. After $1 Target printable coupon- $0.29

Quaker Deal- Buy 5 select products, get a $5 gift card.

  • 2 Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar Life Cereals- $2.50. After 2 $1 printables- $1.50 each
  • Quaker True Delights Granola Bars- $2.50. After $1 mail coupon- $1.50 (You can print some $1 coupons too with this link.)
  • Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bars- $2.50. After $1 mail coupon- $1.50
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars- $2.00
All in all I spent $6.50, received a $5 gift card. Making each boxed item only $0.30!

Total Target Out of Pocket: $2.08 (plus $5 if you don't subtract the gift card)
Total Target Savings: $21.29


4 Pouches Starkist Tuna- $0.98 each. After 4 $1 Vocalpoint mail coupons- EARN $0.08

Rimmel Mascara- $6.47. After April All You magazine freebie coupon- FREE

Total Walmart Out of Pocket: NOTHING!
Total Walmart Savings: $10.47

Cub Foods

Thomas English Muffins- $2.69 each. After Cub BOGO sale & $1 All You coupon- $0.85 each

Total Cub Out of Pocket: $1.69
Total Cub Savings: $3.69


Sambucol Cold & Flu Tablets- $12.99. After $10 Easysaver coupon- $2.99

WalZyr 5 ct Allergy Relief Tablets- $3.99. After Easysaver Rebate- FREE

Axe Shampoo+Conditioner- $5.99. After Easysaver Rebate- FREE

Total Walgreens Out of Pocket: $2.99 (not counting the rebate items)
Total Walgreens Savings: $19.98


Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste- $2.99. After $2.99 ECBs- FREE

Dry Idea Roll On Deodorant- $3.37. After $2 ECBs & printable $2 coupon- EARN $0.63

Total CVS Out of Pocket: NOTHING (not counting the original prices without ECBs)
Total CVS Savings: $6.99

Total Cost Before Savings: $73.47
Total Cost After: $11.05
(including subtractions of money earned & the $5 childcare fee)

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Jaden Paige said...

omg what awesome deals?! I had never even heard of that site before... Clicking over now!

Thanks for stopping by my poetry blog this morning :) Your comment made me smile!