Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Apato/Tree Tour

Apparently Christmas house tours have been sweeping the blog-sphere. Now, I don't want to be one to miss the boat so I figured I may as well make my own. Welcome to my humble apato....

This would be my Homespun Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I bought this for $10 when I was preggo and still had flatmates. It's actually only 4 ft and is stacked on a milk crate for height. Note the childproofed dresser end in front. Yeah, it was all I could think of this year.

I just got this a few weeks back in a white elephant swap. I like to think of him as my poor gay Santa (taking it up the rear), "decked out in a lovely little white dress ensemble trimmed with the barest pink blush. Shimmering pearl accents and a pale green cloth-wrapped bundle add a flash of seasonal spirit. Be the envy of the pole with your one of a kind crocheted walking stick. Never before has Nick looked so good!"

"Boobies? On a Christmas tree?!" *gasp*
"Why yes Jimmy, didn't you know? Anything is okay in the name of art."

I love my x-mas ornaments. I spent November buying up $1 ACEOs/ATCs on ebay & etsy. Then I threw 'em in card protectors I bought at Walmart and hot glued ribbon to the back. I think it's a wonderful way to add some easy non-tradition to this old holiday staple.

I made this one myself. It's just a painted light bulb.

This is my patio window/door. I bought the foam snowflakes at the dollar store, sprayed them with silver glitter, and hung them at varying intervals using white yarn.
(The white spot in the background is the flash from the camera.)

Space is limited and I didn't want my little one ripping into her presents early so I cleared off my glass computer table to use the extra space as our gift area. On the right are a few yet-to-be-wrapped items. One is a set of picture frames. I googled some photos of a comic book character, re-sized 'em, printed them off on cardstock, and am making a gift of it.

"The stockings were hung..." from my funky wall candle thing. I also threw up some candy canes. As the Christmas cards come in they get propped around the candles too. I balanced a tinsel tree in the back.

My china hutch, if you look closely you can still see the Halloween Gingerbread House D & I decorated together. It's like an easy version of Where's Waldo.

I made this button kissing ball while I was pregnant too. It's just a bunch of red and green buttons hot glued onto a plain ornament. The dragon hanging beside it isn't from X-mas, it's from the RenFest.

My tiny Target Christmas tree,
I lost the base for it so it's sitting in a clean jelly jar being held down with marbles & whatnots.

I painted these Joy Blocks last year after I saw a cute scrapbooked version from Martha.
This was before I learned how to scrapbook....

My homemade wreath- I bought the vine wreath and white spray paint at Walmart. I gave it a fine mist, let it dry, then covered it with dollar store finds. I'd say it turned out rather well for about $10. (PS. It looks even better in person when the camera doesn't dim down the lighting.)

And, last but not least, a wee bit of Christmas wonder.

Happy Holidays!

This was done for the BooMama, Hooked on Houses, Thrifty Decor Chick, We are that Family, A Soft Place to Land, Southern Hospitality, & TipJunkie Tree & Christmas Tours.

PS. As of this moment my $5 gift card giveaway has no comments. If you head over there you might very well end up being your only competition. (And hey, who doesn't love free "money?")


Jen r. said...

Cute. THe joy letters are great.

jenjen said...

Your decorations are so cute! I really like the JOY letters!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

The painted lightbulb is cute, and I love your cat stocking!

Jennifer said...

I love your stockings, and what a great idea with the ACEOs!!ma

Laura said...

I love the joy letters. They're really adorable, and a project possibly I can do with my kids at some point. Thanks for the inspiration!

Satsuki Rebel said...

I'm surprised so many people liked the Joy letters. If I recall the cat stocking came from target or walmart a year or two back. I didn't actually make any of them. The only thing I did was stick on the names with fabric paint. Sewing, crochet, and knitting are the kinks in my crafting armor. I am talentless with them. (Although I bet you could make a similar cat stocking with felt and tacky glue- it would be a fun kids project.)

Bonita said...

You are very creative. I really like the lightbulb and the snowflakes.

honeysuckle said...

What a clever place for your Christmas cards! I loved the "wonder" picture--she id precious.

We are THAT Family said...

Very cute! I love your kissing ball! I need one of those....

Celestial Charms said...

Really cute decorations, and especially the JOY blocks. They would look great anywhere!

Satsuki Rebel said...

Thanks, I appreciate the support. You guys are looking at the last view of the lightbulb ornament though. It all happened so suddenly. One minute it was with us, the next... it's light was snuffed out. It died a few nights back by Am-assisted suicide. Yep, she pulled the plug.

...Okay, I think I'm running out of electric jokes now. Rest in peace pretty pre-baby lightbulb.