Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Cheap Night Out

Right now you can get a $30 hotel voucher FREE! Find out how over at Saving in Greenville. Supposedly you can find some hotels for as low as $37, leaving you to only pay $7. I was able to find rates as cheap as $56 in my state. You'll need a printer to print the verification to give at your hotel. (Note: I originally found this tip over at Money Saving Mom, another great deal-finding blog.)

Then just head over to to purchase and print a cheap meal voucher in your area. Use the code HARVEST to get an additional 60% off. This would make a $25 certificate only $4. Then, after you purchase it, they'll email you a link to get 1 $10 certificate FREE! You'll want to read the terms of the certificate, most have minimum purchases for redemption. They should be good for one year unless the state law says otherwise. Still, $25 off of a $35 order & a free $10 certificate is a GREAT deal to me!

You'd better hurry for this one though- the code expires today, 11/13/08! But if you don't get a chance to pick it up today don't worry. They're frequently offering new deals on that site.

Even better, if you're a MyPoints member you can get an additional 6 points per dollar spent over at


If you're an MA Rewards member at Market America you can get free points there as well for this purchase. From my experience the points add up more quickly there but instead of getting gift cards you would use your points on MA products. So that's kind of the plus and minus there. If you've tried their Strawberry-Kiwi Aloe Juice then you'd know why I'm mentioning it.

I just finished making my reservations at a normally expensive restaurant in Stillwater, MN & a generic hotel. I saved a total of $65 & spent a total of $34 (plus maybe $10 more for dinner) on what will be a great kid-free 1 night vacation.

I'm psyched and hope D will be too. This is going in the Christmas Gift pile! ^^

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