Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Alternative Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up quick. Once again I find myself searching for the perfect Anti-Thanksgiving meal. In my house D & I have started the tradition of going to our own family get-togethers and meeting back in the evening for our own special meal. Needless to say, by that time we are so stuffed with turkey, casseroles, squash, and more that trying to gulp down more of the same just isn't a very appetizing thought. I didn't just want to have any old meal though. In traveling to eat the food of others I've been forced to miss out on making my own Thanksgiving assortments for years.

Thus the "Alternative Thanksgiving" was born. I have learned to supplement traditional dishes (which we've already had earlier that day) with something that pays homage to them in a loose fashion. I'll be featuring this years dishes for the next 5 days. Hopefully you too can find the strength to give up on those boring old Thanksgiving confinements and branch out this year. Break the shackles of our oppressors! Oppose societal tyranny! ...and all that jazz.

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