Thursday, July 16, 2009

Somethings Gotta Give-

And right now it's blogging. Actually, no, that's not quite right. It's the internet in general. I wish I could just give it up because it's gotten to the point where it's keeping me from getting things done and doing the things I'd like to be doing. It's distracting in the worst way.

I hope you don't hold it against me but I'm going on hiatus for a bit. I don't know what this means beyond the obvious- I can't keep up with the daily posting schedule anymore. I'm a mom. Heck, I'm a weekday single mom. I also just became the administrative vice president and website admin for my local MOMS Club. This is in addition to: being on my apartment's resident committee, attending weekly ECFE, attempting 3 home "preschool" days weekly, running all the errands/finding all the deals, doing all the cooking, doing a decent chunk of the cleaning (or trying to), attending church twice weekly when I'm able, doing a home bible study weekly, and, beginning the end of August, starting the fall college term as a full time student.

I just can't do it all, though I've certainly been trying. If I could I'd dump the TV and the computer in a garbage can- somewhere where it wouldn't been sucking up 50-75% of my day.

Yes, you read that right. It's like an addiction, as surely as the children who sit in front of a TV mindlessly. I don't want to be that person.

I can't afford to be that mom.

So, for the sake of my family, my home, and my own sanity I'm giving up on blogging for now.

Thank you all for reading my humble slice of the web. It was fun.


Dee said...

I can totally relate, I'm at that point this week. I'm taking vacation to try to get some order in my life. I wish you well and hopefully you'll be back soon.

Jennie said...

I can relate I have spent way too much time on the internet the last couple years. All good homemaking blog & craft but it takes a lot of time.

Danielle Miller said...

I agree. The computer is a total time suck. Especially email. I'm not the type that can write two or three sentences in a response and be done. I tend to have a couple major computer days a week, then try to limit it on the rest of the days.

Good luck with everything. I'll miss you.

Thea Starr said...

good blogging is awesome but happy family & not stressed out mama is even better.
i love your blog and i'm excited to catch back up with you when time allows it for you in the future.