Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You never really know how hard it is to look up a TV show

- until you've tried to look up a Korean sitcom, not knowing the language at all or even the title, when the only thing you have to go on are the English words "melody melody" repeating in the background during the opening song. After about an hour of trying I FINALLY tracked down the show.

Why is it important you ask? Well, it's really not. I just wanted to blog about it. Lately every time I go up to D's house it's on TV. It's a decent show though I'm more of a drama girl myself. If any of you are so inclined you might try to track it down. It's called The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House/My Too Perfect Sons (plus if you click the link you can find a button for the theme song that's been the source of so much frustration - Love Melody by Eru).

I also had these two songs stuck in my head on the ride home tonight, though they're both in Japanese- not the same thing, I know D.

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