Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tasty Tuesday - Bountiful Breads

Well, we finally made it back to that food co-op I have a membership with. We had a small shopping list as I wanted to see the taste and quality comparison.

The condensed verdict- the skim milk tastes horrid. I don't know why. This isn't organic or unpasteurized. It hasn't expired yet. The 2% milk tasted fine though making me wonder if their skim normally just tastes bad or if it was a bad batch. I'll be stuck saving this for recipes only as I wouldn't exactly call it drinking quality.

The apples taste like... apples. The bread though- oh my, what can I say there?

I bought 2 loaves a day past their sale date for 50% off, the sourdough is the only one we've tried yet and it is AMAZING! Best loaf of bread I've had in ages! However, they do have a large variety of bulk bins for different grains and such. This leaves me wondering- perhaps I might be able to achieve similar results at home? One can always hope.

1. Simple Round Bread
Hillbilly Housewife

2. No Knead Bread
Rocket Bread

3. Grape Nuts Banana Bread
Sara.Scruggs @ SparkRecipes

4. Nutty Quick Bread
Melissa Walworth @ Allrecipes

5. Easy Oat Bread
Three Ladies and a Dad

6. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (with or without whole wheat)
Skip to my Lou

7. Pizza Monkey Bread
(Note: tested and tasty)
Gourmet Mom on the Go

8. Rosemary Peasant Bread
Make and Takes

9. Zucchini Bread
Simply Recipes

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