Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shopping Saturday - Believe

Today is the KTIS Joyful Noise Family Fest. We'll (Am and I) be heading out later to go see Mercy Me, Chris Sligh, and other Christian musicians. This got me thinking- wouldn't it be nice to have a cute handmade souvenir to show my faith? I apologize ahead of time if I didn't get your specific religion in this list. There are so many out there I could do this all day. Just let me know via comment or email if I missed you and I'll add it in a Part 2 next weekend.

All items are still $10 or less.

1. Prayer and Promises Bible Verse Hankie Set
$7.00 @ HippieJo's Vintage Haven & Handmade Happys

2. Sunday School Limited Edition Art Print, 8" x 10"
$9.99 @ Paint All Night Studios

3. Mem 'n Mem Chocolate Candy Earrings, 1 Set
$5.00 @ Sadie and Kara's Shop

4. Hamsa Hand of Fatima Earrings
$5.00 @ The Holy Bead

5. Shayla Maroon Mauve Scarf
$8.00 @ Hijabi Shoppe

6. Om Soap
$5.00 @ Windy's Creations

7. Ganesha Cufflinks
$9.50 @ Westergard

8. Pentacle Cat Collar
$10.00 @ White Magick Shoppe

9. Venus of Willendorf (Goddess) Porcelain Pendent Bead
$5.00 @ Beadfreaky

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