Sunday, June 21, 2009

Common Sense Indeed


Danielle Miller said...

I have to take offense at the Phantom one. I have a total Phantom of the Opera obsession. I think for those of us who like the darkness of the phantom's personality, (his name is Erik by the way) is because we like to fantasize about being a star and being taken care of by a rich, mysterious man. Forget office politics. You mess with me and my man will drop a chandelier. And for the record, I could be wrong (but I doubt it) I don't remember him raping anyone. Based on the literature, he most likely would have been too self conscious to touch someone. In one book that I read, he hired prostitutes, but even then he had a difficult time because they looked at him with such disgust. (I said it was an obsession.)

Danielle Miller said...

Although I did get a thrill out of seeing him at the top of the page. I haven't visited fan pages in a long time, and although I used to know the entire libretto to the musical, I don't sing it constantly anymore (for the sake of my family) so it was nice to have the little reminder.

I have a ginormous collection of POTO music boxes, and even a set of Barbie and Ken dolls as Phantom and Christine. And I just had to check. Phantom Ken really does have marks on his face under the mask!

Satsuki Rebel said...

Okay well, let me add that I get where you're coming from (and you're right about the raping bit). I'm actually a fan of it to since I used to do a bit of performing before Am was born. In fact right now I'm in college, aspiring to teach Creative Writing and Theater.

I just got a kick out of that pic. (Come on, he DID see murder as perfectly acceptable.) He was a great character with real motivation leading his actions. Don't get me started on Christine though- ugh.

Anywho, I didn't make the caption- I just reposted it. Might you be a fan of Rent or Les Mis as well? Those are my own personal favorites.

Danielle Miller said...

Yeah, I like most musicals and some operas. There aren't any others that I'm psychotic about though. I like Jekyl and Hyde a lot. I like the powerful dark stuff. And then there's Sweeny Todd of course. I also love Evita.

And I totally agree, I love the picture on that poster. If it wasn't so blasphemous then I would have to get it. LOL. And yeah, he did murder. But it was just so he could get what he wanted. What's wrong with that? LOL.

Yep, Christine is a wh***. She totally led him on. Then suddenly she's like no, I'm confused, I'll let everyone else tell me what to do. And unmasking him on stage. How rude. A man with such a hang up about his appearance that she supposedly cared about at least a little.

I've read some analysis that proposed that he isn't even ugly and deformed physically. He just thinks that he is because he had a psycho mother that told him he was a monster and made him wear a mask. So all of his issues aren't even real. Interesting premise.

Danielle Miller said...

Oh, and I love V too. There's the obvious Phantom connection. Then there's the Bush bashing aspect. I love all the alliteration, and blowing up the building to the 1812 overture (is that right?) is just beautiful. Then there's the moral dilemma too. Was it right or wrong for him to trap Natalie Portman and make her think she was in jail? On one hand, he made her suffer needlessly. On the other hand, she hated being afraid and it allowed her to become the person she wanted to be.

Satsuki Rebel said...

I wouldn't say he made her suffer needlessly at all. Her suffering awakened her inner strength. It taught her to survive without needing to lean on someone else.

I don't think V had to do with Bush at all. I think it was just a coincidence- a happy coincidence. ^^