Friday, April 3, 2009

So, I haven't really blogged about this yet...

But for those of you who don't know, there's a search engine out there called Swagbucks. I use it for almost all of my online searches (I still use google for image ones). Now, why do I use it?

Because it randomly awards points while you're searching. You save up the points and can then redeem them for prizes. So far I've been using it for a year and have earned a total of $30 in Starbucks gift cards and $10 in Amazon ones. This is without doing anything else other than using it for my occasional searches.

Just thought I'd pass the info on.

Oh, also, you can earn up to 100 matching points for any one of your friends who uses it and no, I earned all of my points without the help of friends. It's really been no trouble at all (or I wouldn't still be using it). ^-^


* TONYA * said...

Great post. I LOVE Swagbucks. It's amazing just how quickly you accumulate 'bucks'.

Satsuki Rebel said...

It is, I "cashed out" last week and I'm already back up to 10 points (still just by doing searches). It's like free money to me. Gotta love free money. ^^