Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kid Craft Showcase & Bunny Basket

I couldn't think of what to write about today but then it hit me while I was hanging up our latest craft- Why not show some of the projects we've been working on recently? So, here you go, a few fun kid crafts:

I'm sorry to say I don't have a picture tutorial for this one. I saw something similar a few weeks back and decided to give it our own spin. Take a rinsed milk carton and cut down from the handle making a hole big enough to give adult hands access. Then draw an outline with your sharpie or marker around the circles already imprinted on the carton (one will cave in slightly giving the eyes different sizes). Glue your pink pompom nose first. Then stretch cotton balls for the material. You can use tacky glue to paste them down.

Now it's time to tackle the ears. I cut mine from a cereal box and glued down some pink construction paper before gluing them to the carton at an angle. You could use card stock or other cardboard, the kids can color or paint the pink part if they'd like. You'll want to let it dry a bit now so the ears aren't falling off.

This brings you to the two pompom eyes and whiskers. Glue those down too. The pipe cleaners hold better if you can touch them to the carton rather than the cotton. Mine were cut from 2 brown pipe cleaners. And there you have it, one cheap bunny basket.

All in all I'd say it turned out well, wouldn't you? ^-^

This is the pond we painted last night based on Totally Tots' Small Small Pond tutorial. We'll be adding more to it as time goes on. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a tarp I used masking tape on two sheets of poster board to hold them to the bathtub wall. Cleanup was quick and easy after we finished. We painted using our new Menard's free after rebate paintbrushes.

No Time for Flashcards has a series of ABC project tutorials. So far we've made it up to "F." G is a work in progress.

Hanging from our art clothesline is another work in progress- Roots and Wing Co.'s Paper Plate Easter Wall Hanging.

And for those of you who remember, just thought I'd post a picture of our balcony after altering 5 Orange Potatoes' wishing tree idea. I got 4 kinds of ribbon at the dollar store for it, pretty cheap for something so cheery.


~Bobbi~ said...

LOVE every single idea on here! Great job. It looks like you guys had a fun week!

jennwa said...

Everything looks so fun. I love the bunny milk jug. The cotton balls add a lot to it. Also the cereal boxes for ears, perfect.

I can not wait to see more about the pond.

Cute paper plate crafts too.

Thanks for linking such fun ideas.

Satsuki Rebel said...

lol, I don't know about that week bit. When we do crafts they tend to take awhile. I think I started the alphabet ones months ago. >_>

I know those paper plate ones have been linked to all over. I still like 'em though. ^^

Glad you guys liked the links!

(Oh, and apparently Menards has tarps FREE after rebate starting this week. So I guess you -could- skip the bathroom part.)