Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If April Fools was Christmas Eve

I would be the official Grinch- maybe Scrooge as a close second. I HATE April Fools and always have. I remember when I was a child I always hated to be tricked. It was hard for me to get the joke and tell if it was mean spirited or not. Now I take jokes with a grain of salt and try to assume no harm was meant. So far I've stumbled across multiple blogging tricks- at least 2 fake giveaways, a post on using rocks in place of toilet paper, altered main pages, etc.

I dropped my babe off at the gym childcare center this morning and went to fill her cup with water from the children's drinking fountain. Of course some staff member had taped over it the night before. I know this was meant to be funny but come on, the kids that drink from that fountain range from about 3-6. Drenching them in water would NOT be funny. It would end in tears. Lucky enough I was the first one to use it, thwarting the would-be foolers plans.

Let this be a warning to you other pranksters out there. I will squash your jokes beneath my foot and smile as I do. That is all.

*hunches over and stomps back to her cave*


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