Friday, April 17, 2009

Child-Proofed Dresser

I am so excited to be able to link to this post I just read. We happen to have a dresser in the kitchen next to the china hutch. Ever since Am could crawl I've been forced to leave the lower half empty. Now thanks to Totally Tots I can reclaim my furniture! If you have any dressers you should go check out their Child-Proofing Dresser Trick too.


Bridgette said...

LOL! That's a good idea. I wonder if I ever would've thought of that .. probably not since I don't own any dressers.

Satsuki Rebel said...

Well, I got all of my furniture for free. So basically I have a lot of dressers- one in the dining room, 2 in my bedroom, 1 in my closet, and a dresser end table next to my couch. I'm a sucker for storage. ^^