Friday, March 13, 2009

A Question

So, I've been thinking lately. I wonder if this whole college thing is taking me down the path I want. It's a struggle. I'm not going to lie. Trying to stay up after Am goes to bed just to get my homework done is never fun. Writing a 5 page paper in a day isn't either. The thing is, I'm not so sure my major is the one I should be going for. Let's look at the things I love:

  • Being right (I know, don't we all?)
  • Books
  • Performing- acting & singing
  • Creative Writing- poetry, lyrics, prose, etc.
  • Being appreciated/acknowledged
  • Working by myself, at least as much as possible- I'm a social person in select settings.
  • Parenting- Like any other parent I've done my best to be well-educated in this arena.
  • Arts & Crafts- I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades here. I'm able to do different types of projects but I'm not exactly an expert in any one area. So yeah, selling stuff is out right now.
  • Having a Direct Impact- I like being able to know that what I'm doing matters for someone. I LOVE volunteering.
  • Travel and Adventure- You know those people who wouldn't mind white water rafting or bungee jumping off a bridge? Yeah, I'm one of them.
Now, I HAVE been attending college part-time, thinking I'll go teach high school english and theater courses when I'm done. When I became a parent I enrolled. I had always wanted to act or direct those plays myself. Unfortunately those jobs can come and go. I settled on the idea of teaching instead in the hopes of a steady salary and benefits. I'm just not so sure I should be settling anymore. Being a parent has made feel this need to plant my roots. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it, if I shouldn't be looking for other options which might make my happier. This might mean unschooling and living an abnormal life but I want to try to stay true to the person I am and raise Am in a happy household, whether it's just the two of us or more.

So, I'll put it you. If you were me, with my interests, what kind of career would you pursue?

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