Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Few Tips

As part of my effort to control my clutter I've been in the habit of chucking magazines every time the new ones come in. One thing I used to do was rip out pages that I thought I might use again someday. Now, the problem with this is that it leaves me with tons of pages and the new chore of organizing them. That's when it occurred to me- I have a blog! Instead of clipping ideas I can just type them out instead. I won't be doing this all the time but today I have a few tips I think I'd like to share:

  • Instead of collecting DVDs in their cases, buy CD organizers and sort them by genre to save space.
  • Multitask during TV (especially commercials) by pulling out a messy drawer and go to town cleaning it up.
  • Use one tea bag per 12-16 oz of water. Steep green tea for 3 min, oolong & black for 5, herbal for 7- any longer can make the tea taste bitter. (This one is REALLY noticeable in green tea. I always let mine sit too long.)
  • A magnetic knife strip above the stove helps keep knives sharp and drawers kid-friendly.
  • Designate a bin for clothes that don't fit any more. When it gets full take them out to donate.
  • Use leftover twist ties to tame computer cords then buy or make plain white labels to let you know what's what.

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