Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What do you write about when you get in a car accident?

Something entirely different of course! I've been busy today trying to put the whole thing behind me- Am was in the car too. Oddly enough I was just turning into McDonald's to get one of these:

...when I saw the vehicle ready to T bone my car. I hit the gas and she hit my back rear fender. By the time we finished exchanging info I didn't feel too hungry anymore. We left minus said milkshake (and Am's apple dippers).

You can imagine my joy when I JUST noticed Glamour Moms' lovely Eggnog Milkshake instructions. If you're reading this GM, you have no idea how happy you've made me. I am so making this as soon as dinner is done! Hopefully it'll help take a bite of out the "my-insurance-is-going to-be-raised-$150" funk I've been in.

Update: I made my own version using Holly Nog (one word: calories) & Butter Pecan Ice Cream. It turned out to be everything I wanted and more.


Glamour Moms said...

:D I am so glad I could share my love of eggnog with you. Let me know how you enjoyed it!! - Lyndsay

Glamour Moms said...

UGH and after re-reading that I have to say so sorry to hear about the accident as well!! Not the best time of year to have to deal with that!! Insurance increases are never fun for anyone!! Hopefully you can put yourself in a milkshake induced coma for a short while. :)

Satsuki Rebel said...

Yeah, lucky for me I had set aside extra insurance money to begin with so come renewal time I'll still be able to cover the amount. ^^

I realized after I wrote the post why I had never made one of these- I have no ice cream in the house. So now it's on tomorrow's shopping list.

Thanks for reading!