Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Upcycled Lolli Tree (What I've Been Up To)

Okay, I skipped a day and now I'm doing a late post. This weekend my mom's side of the family had their X-mas party and I was scrambling to throw together some last minute crafts. I was in even more of a rush when my grandmother called to tell me it was a potluck.

I didn't have any food on hand to bring but I DID have a ton of tiny lollipops leftover from Halloween. I knew I wasn't going to eat them so I went ahead and spent 2 hours (trial and error time) making this Lollipop Tree:

I used a styrofoam circle ornament and poked the holes in as I went. Then I threw some hot glue on the end of each pop to keep them in. I poked one giant craft (popsicle) stick into the center, hot glued that down, then glued 4 more sticks on around that for stability.

It was still looking a bit bare so I chopped up some strips of fabric and tied those onto each lolli (in retrospect you should do this before gluing them in). I wrapped some green papery ribbon around the giant craft sticks and glued that down. Then I propped the finish piece in a clear glass jar and kept it in place with a bag of dollar store craft rocks.

I am proud to say it was the hit of my creations and I didn't have to buy anything extra to make it. Every item was either a leftover from another craft or a recycled item. This might be the "greenest" thing I've made yet. ^^

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