Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Feet Down

*Edit: I took the picture down to avoid the same publicity trap I was going on about. I'm leaving the link in case anyone would like to see the earrings in question.

On an additional note I am not radical or even against eating meat (as you can tell from my previous post on having Duck for Thanksgiving). I just feel that hanging body parts from your ears is in bad taste. It bothers me on a personal level. Keep in mind I was riled up when I wrote this.*

Craftzine.com gets two thumbs down for this INSANELY insensitive post on squirrel feet earrings. These are NOT fake feet and the notes clearly state a love for "creative taxidermy." After a barrage of complaints they added another note on how they appreciate the readers comments and feedback but will leave the post up for the sake of "good discussion"- also known as exploitation of emotions, publicity.

Commenter Gerweker sums up my thoughts exactly: "Just when I think humanity is beginning to move forward."

And I'm not just referring to the maker of said earrings. This is the first and last post I will be featuring from that site.

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